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The Gods are Made of Mud

by Hot Damn Scandal

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Our earth is a weather balloon a fickle lover to a pale blue moon a shiny green beetle trapped in the sun spider's net a super-fried ape's last cigarette so smoke, smoke, smoke your neighbors and smo-o-o-oke your friends and all your days will be so rich and gay until their untimely end your life is a liver at work a poison filter from the sky to dirt and when you die you'll be locked in a cedar wood box so the devil can't leak out while you rot and then you'll fly away upward to where the magical baby bird people sing while down below everyone else you know will have a pile of shit in which you can rub their nose
Bitter Vein 03:17
the bottom fell out of the clouds today and the rain came down like a mirror one big sheet and it shattered on the ground now there's seven years of bad luck all over this town it's collection time on all of your debts and you can't get by just talkin' your smile don't work and your car don't start and your doors ain't keepin' you alone no not even if you lock 'em not even if you lock 'em CHORUS: when you're tapped in to that bitter vein just about anything feels good the sun tried shinin' on a lost boy's eyes they reflected oh so pretty but it's cold behind them golden shores and the sweet light wasn't nothin' more than they're own damn wishin' 'cause they just don't listen so wish on your candles, pray to your god, cry for your mama, put a dollar on the bar it feels like breathin' but the only good feelin' ain't a gamble is a sin so I think I'll play it safe and get a gin take the devil for a spin CHORUS for some the morning brings another day but all it does for me is shine an ugly light around the room that I've been hiding in so now I'll take the easy way yeah, that gets harder every day but I ain't here to fix myself I'm just tryin' to blind these eyes from hell CHORUS
Freaks 06:56
All of the boys want to kiss the girls all of the girls, they are secretly aligned but mother; ever sober; won't let Suzy Q stay over and Henry's yet to find his Alibi Dreams are the vessels for your nasty thoughts they'll turn you in to sinners whether you want them too or not so every time they slumber the children are encumbered with visions of desire rotten with denial La-dee-da-dee-dum darlings... come in have a seat with the whole wide world everybody 'round now - open wide darlings – take a look inside you'll see we're all an awful mess all of the girls are a bit confused father Tim says boys have the only bits they'll use but something about Mandy makes Suzy Q quite randy whene'er she hands the rosary around all of the boys like a playful touch the shape of who's reciprocating doesn't matter much and after centuries of dress up still the older boys can't fess up that the stirring in their loins is just a part of being born La-dee-da-dee-dum darlings... come in have a seat with the whole wide world everybody 'round now - open wide darlings – take a look inside you'll see we're all just fucking freaks
Trouble 03:43
I've been relying on my bruises Defined my edges against skies of gray but now my worries are all far away the sky is clear, and I begin to fade Once I believed in paradise A place where I would never feel no pain A state of mind I'd never have to change but now it all looks all right, and I begin to fade CHORUS: Trouble... I need you I don't know what I am but I ain't nothin' without these blues I've heard a million happy endings I've seen the good guys win, I've seen the bad guys pay but know I never read that final page 'cause in that sunset ride I begin to fade CHORUS Somewhere there's heaven for the hopeless a place where we can all still wax and wane a place where cloudy skies can still bring rain so in my shaken faith I clasp my hands and pray I pray for CHORUS
born in to a bastard world where god knew not the mother and he told you it's no other than the prince of theives who spread his loins so plant your flags and mint your coins call everything you see your own I'll be back to check on you when the dirt that you call home has swallowed you The gods are made of mud you're made of mud I'm made of mud and your ancestors are between my toes when you die you'll be a rotten mess and in your final rest your flesh will be the soil in which my garden grows and every eve at dinner I'll be nibblin' on your bones your flaming wreck will boil my tea and your cancer be the butter on my toast
whistlin' in the autumn breeze eyes as red as autumn leaves a dirtbag in the autumn streets he walked in and he asked for me a homegrown catastrophe from thirty yards you'll hear the bastard breathe and he'll gut you with a stare CHORUS: red hot cold blue top hat home brewed blown like brass and break like glass frozen solid and meltin' fast listerene in a brandy snifter lookin' like a church's hobo dinner he'll drown your words in a chocolate river lamp light on the army faces a veteran of the average hazes split his head just to get off basic reproachful revery CHORUS spilled blood over foggy diamonds spent six long years a blind one rolled up on a jail asylum triple sevens are like regicide you lose the grit and lose the testifyin' a busy road and a lonely mind point a finger, beg a dime CHORUS run along... sleep now... CHORUS
Once upon a time in a calm little town a little boy found a hole in the ground in the hole in the ground there was a little blue seed with speckles of brown and speckles of green he took the blue seed back to his house. He put it in dirt and he watered it down in a couple of days there was a strange little vine growing up to his mouth and in to his mind tentacled dreams swam in the night; purple and red with chameleon eyes he work in the morn with roots in his shoes, bark on his tongue, and sap in his lungs the school bus came and he walked on board with a trail behind of little blue spores the little blue spores spread over the seat, out of the bus, and in to the street the dusting of blue all over the town began to take root and infested the ground prismatic pods sprouted out of the vines and a terrible sound bellowed out of their sides when the terrible sound reached anyone's ears in front of their eyes came terrible fears from the terrible fears they ran to the boy where they stopped and they stared and with a chorus of noise in a synchronous voice they sang “hey little boy... what do you see... now that you're a part of me?”
Bare Bones 04:34
god knows why I left my silver rifle on the shelf left my baby to the wolves I'd send her off to heaven but the boat was full now I'm on my own I'm just bare bones my pockets are in shambles and my demons never sleep all the money tucked between my cushions spits and whines for quick release as a cold wind blows I'm just bare bones CHORUS: god made feet for walking god made eyes for lookin' back but that's just jesus talkin' and them holy hands they never count the stack Mama always said that she knew best Papa's words were hot and dry but all that along with no prophet's song ever touched my ears lord knows they tried now my sin's alone I'm just bare bones I'm followed by a man with rubber legs his eyes are as hard as iron all the diamonds in his sleeve they spill out next to me 'what do we have here? you think I don't know? now you just bare bones' CHORUS
when hell gets bitter cold I'll just build myself a lover but I'll need another soul to light the fire so I'll go searching with the Devil in the world up above and if I get just one I think I'll be alright but him, he likes to pack 'em in tight 'cause he doesn't like bein' lonely he wants the whole world around temptation is just circumstance go ask him for yourself he's in the scarlet hills where the sun goes down CHORUS: in the scarlet hills where the sun goes down and in the morning sky bubbles up from beneath the ground that's where I'm goin' where time starts flowin' in the scarlet hills where the sun goes down I've got a mess of little wishes and a field full of crickets but the sky is too bright for the stars so I'll write out my desires in the Hollywood style letters on the bluff a message for the cars and maybe one will wind up in my old home town and tell them all I'd love to see them but I've gotta make my way to the scarlet hills where the sun goes down CHORUS when your face is lined with corduroy and looking dearer than our own blue sky and you still have bits of sleep around your eyes there's your chance to be the cherry of my heartache there's your chance to be the shaper of my clouds and if you want I could go purple over you before the light can make it through the scarlet hills where the sun goes down
I'm not the captain; I just took your solid ground and set it drifting I'm not the hunter; Ijust want to see the beast with my own eyes I've no illusions that these matches will last until the morning but I could live a thousand years between the sulfur and the coal the only way I know to find the lost is to be lost oh what I've lost what I've let pass by it seems the walls around this world are solid only if I push against them but if I close my eyes - if I turn my back – I feel them slip away and when the substance and the pulse lie exposed I know you're standing there so close that I could almost recognize you with my foolish waking eyes I told you that I loved you when the world was fading fast and there were sweet dreams I wanted you to have but know the end has been pushed back and I wish that I had waited 'til you asked
Burn it Down 05:44
I like to swim at the bottom of the barrel I like to sleep in hidey-holes and barroom stalls I like to hear the piano playing in the bloody lidded dawn I like to wake up with the Devil and drink him 'til he's gone the queen is drunk and someone armed the pawns The truth, they say is an acquired taste a vice I've never thought to own there is no clean air left so we filter it through cigarettes while the gambler's mercy keeps us brined and fed ... ... l e t ' s b u r n i t d o w n l e t ' s b u r n i t d o w n l e t ' s b u r n i t d o w n l e t ' s b u r n i t d o w n l e t ' s b u r n i t d o w n l e t ' s b u r n i t d o w n l e t ' s b u r n i t d o w n l e t ' s b u r n i t d o w n


released October 20, 2017

The Band:
Chandra Johnson, violin & vocals
Harper Stone, percussion
Jimmy Austin, trombone
Kris Staples-Weyrauch, electric guitar
Mickey Stylin, upright bass & vocals
Pete Irving, resonator guitar & lead vocals
Sarah Jane Covert-Bowlds, saxophone

The Guests:
Gabija Vaičekones ~ Piano track 1
David Pender-Lofgren ~ Drum Set tracks 2, 5 & 6
Nick Wees ~ Trumpet track 3
Stewart Zobel ~ 7-string Classical Guitar track 3
Brandi Ledferd ~ Pandeiro track 3
Alex Larson Kubiak ~ Bass Clarinet track 4
Jan Peters & Sam Chue ~ Vocals track 5
Carrie Crockett ~ Accordion tracks 6 & 10, Vocals track 10, Musical Saw track 11
Genevieve & Lumina Compain ~ Vocals tracks 6 & 10
Lucas Warford ~ Bowed Banjo Bass & Vocals track 7
Willo Sertain ~ Vocals track 7
Greg Alison ~ Violin track 7
John Sampson ~ Marimba track 8
Ani Banani ~ Vocals tracks 8, 10 & 12
Noah Austin ~ Trumpet track 10
Andrew & Dani Compain ~ Vocals track 10


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Hot Damn Scandal Bellingham, Washington

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